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For T1 the spring split went promising and ended with the title in the LCK. The record world champion keeps a star player, Teddy, for a long time.

T1 has announced that the contract with Botlaner Park “Teddy” Jin-Seong has been extended until 2022. The triple LCK winner has been convincing with his performances since the conversion of the roster in 2018 and will remain part of the team.

T1 strengthens strong core
Already in February, it was announced that Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok would extend his contract with the organization until 2023 and also become a shareholder. With Teddy the strong core is further defined.

Future roaster changes will be built around Faker and the Botlaner. The successes of the AD Carries read convincingly, even if two major titles are still missing from the collection. In 2019 Teddy achieved with T1 the double of jumping and summer split in the LCK, at the Worlds it was only the 3rd / 4th place

G2 Esports ended the Korean’s title dreams in the semi-finals – a dejavu. Already during the MSI, the teams clashed in the semi-final, at the end of which T1 lost.

However, T1 returned to its former strength as early as spring 2020 and, after finishing second in the Regular Season, won the trophy in the play-offs final. In the course of these successes Teddy was a driving force, could show the highest KDA in the league in the Spring Split 2020.

T1 starts the summer split today against DRX, who also have a promising duo with Chovy in the middle and Deft as ADC.


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