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Tired of seeing Yuumi and Aphelios in almost every game you play? With patch 10.13, this could change, as both champions are to be properly generated after the dominance of the previous weeks.

It is not an unusual sight at the moment. Aphelios fights against the entire opposing team and is the winner in the end. This happens not only in the solo cue, but even in the professional sector. Although it has already had some nerfs and modifications, the AD Carry has remained one of the strongest and most dominant picks for the Botlane. Since the previous nerfs did not achieve the desired effect, Riot Games will now rework Aphelio’s Lifesteal.

Another champion who seems a bit too strong at the moment is Yuumi. This shows their absurdly high ban rate in patch 10.12, no matter what region. With the buff in version 10.3, which enhanced her stalking projectiles and made her healing more effective, she became a popular pick in all player classes. She will also be generated in the next patch, maybe her abilities will be brought closer to the state before 10.3. Other champions that could be generated are Syndra, Ornn, Kalista and Cassiopeia.

Riot Games also wants to give some too weak champions well-deserved power-ups. These include Gnar, Ryze, Yorick, Vi, Nocturne, Lucian and Rakan. Especially the last two are not doing well at the moment, Lucian even has the lowest win rate of all ADC-Champs.


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