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Monday, June 21, 2021

Riot plans balance updates for five champions

Five champions in League of Legends will be customized in the upcoming patches according to gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter.

Riot Games is planning some balance updates for the Champions “Pyke”, “Karthus”, “Swain”, “Skarner” and “Tahm Kench”. Although the customizations of the champions have not yet been carved into stone, the overview of the gameplay designer Scruffy gives first clues as to where the journey for the champions should go.

“Pyke” should be improved in the support role without becoming too strong as a solo lancer.

In the case of “Karthus”, it is planned to make it an option for mid-laners again. The aim was also to make it easier to adapt on the Mid-Lane and Jungle in the future.

The champion “Swain” should feel like a magician in the future, with whom you have to fight at a short distance. In addition, it should be a reasonable option again at a higher level, but at the same time not become too strong for a lower level. Some “quality of life”improvements are planned

for “Skarner”. It should also be able to cause more damage to fighters and tanks.

More information for Tahm Kench in our own mail

Finally, Riot revealed changes for the champion “Tahm Kench”. It should also be a good support pick for SoloQ players in the future, not only on a professional level. The team will announce more detailed information about “Tahm Kench” in a detailed blog post on Friday.

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