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Counter-Strike: Global offensive developer Valve strengthens its anti-cheat for the popular multiplayer shooter.

On June 26, the developers introduced a new optional beta client on the official blog. This restricts the access and interaction possibilities of third-party programs to the CS:GO game clients.

The Beta Client checks the files interacting with the CS:GO client at the start of the game. If he finds an incompatible file, it will be displayed to the player. As long as the displayed file remains active, the client restricts access to official Valve servers with VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat).
If players still want to use the affected file, they can disable “Trusted Launch” in the game options. However, this will affect the confidence factor of your account.

If third parties want to continue offering allowed programs for CS:GO, they will have to meet new requirements in the future. DLL files that interact with CS:GO must be provided with a digital authentication code signature. If the files affect the proper process of the game client, they are blocked despite signature.

Cheaters have been a problem in the scene for a long time. With the new Beta Client, Valve wants to better protect the game from external access and make cheating more difficult. If you would like to take a closer look at the new Beta Client or participate in the trial phase, please follow the instructions on the official page:


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