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Preview of LoL Patch 12.9 – Sion’s Passive to get a Nerf

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The patch 12.9 in LoL plans some nerfs, especially for Sion. Both his passives and the item Hullbreaker will be adjusted.

Riot lead designer Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison gave a glimpse of the upcoming patch in League of Legends on Twitter on Wednesday. Patch 12.9 focuses mainly on adjustments to the champions only this time around.

Riot Games unpacks the nerf hammer and brings it down on Sion. With the champion, a popular tactic was to die on purpose in order to resurrect as undead using his passive ability to destroy the enemy towers. With patch 12.9, this is to be generated. Sion’s damage to buildings will be drastically reduced in this form.

In addition, the champions Rengar, Master Yi, Nidalee, Ahri and Renata are also to receive a nerf. The armour of the newest champion in LoL will be reduced. For Ahri, the cooldown of the abilities E and R will be increased. On the other hand, a buff is planned for Hecarim, Varus, Braum and Tresh with patch 12.9.

In addition, the item Hullbreaker is to be adjusted with the upcoming update. The resistance will no longer increase linearly, but the increase will be “backloaded”. In addition, with patch 12.9 it is planned that the bonus damage to buildings will only be activated with the auto attacks and not with every ability as before. This is also another nerf for the tactic “Inting Sion”.


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