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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Patch 10.25 – More offensive power for ADC against overpowering tanks

After much criticism of the LoL preseason, Riot Games is making every effort with patches to compensate for errors in the game. In the new patch 10.25 the focus is on support and AD-Carry-Champs.

Patch 10.25 is still in progress at Riot Games. After Patch 10.24 brought a lot of item adjustments and thus especially put the squeeze on tanks, the new update will concentrate on strengthening ADC champions. Gameplay designer Mark Yetter published a vague preview of the 10.25 focus points on Twitter last Thursday.

More action through critical hits
In his tweet Yetter announces that Riot Games expects to have to tackle some new construction sites in the game after patch 10.24. His post about 10.25 compiles these assumptions and therefore does not yet contain exact data.

Nonetheless, the gameplay designer’s list contains some highly interesting points – such as strengthening critical hits from ADC champions. In the preseason, these have not had much fun so far, especially against the superiority of the tanks, which have already been generated in the last patches. With the new changes, this is now to be put to an end.

Focus on individual champions
Matching the ADC buff, the second champion on the bot lane will also be strengthened: Supporters will also receive buffs in patch 10.25. The support champion Pantheon will even be made playable for a solo lane again.

According to Yetter, jungle champions that cause magic damage will need separate buffs. Taliyah, for example, will be affected by this. In addition, champions such as Rengar, who needed special items for increased physical damage at the beginning of the game, will soon be helped.

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