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League of Legends

The Swede Jakob “YamatoCannon” Mebdi has switched from Team Vitality to SANDBOX Gaming. This makes him the first Western coach in the South Korean LoL league.

In the LCK Asian coaches were the norm so far. With the change from YamatoCannon to SANDBOX Gaming, for the first time European influences come from a coach to the LCK.

The change was announced on 15.05. The LCK team has commented positively on Twitter: “We are very pleased to welcome […] YamatoCannon as the new Head Coach at SANDBOX Gaming.

In the last LCK-Spring Split the team did not achieve good results. With the transfer of the coach it should now go uphill again. He brings along experience from Team Vitality, Splyce and Team ROCCAT.

Due to the current restrictions on leaving the country, YamatoCannon still has to train the team from home.


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