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League of Legends

The first matches of the fresh Unileague season have been played. In Overwatch and Counter-Strike, the league started three weeks ago, while in Rocket League and League of Legends, the first few days of play finally arrived. We have summarized all the highlights of the week for you here:

League of Legends

– The eternal runners-up from Bremen Bieber worked up quite a sweat in their first match against the victories of Bison. A pentakill of the Siegen team threw the Bremen team back, but they made a comeback and won the first match.

– In the second match there was revenge: “Reval” on the Cassiopeia also scored a pentakill and led the Bremen team to victory against the victories Bisons.

– Next the reigning university champion, KIT SC White, met the 1st Esport Verein Darmstadt. Although the Darmstadt team scored considerably more kills, Karlsruhe did not let themselves be pushed back and fought for the victory.

– With the same champion selection on the side of the Karlsruhe team, the second match was won and Fiora could not be stopped, which turned out to be a serious mistake of the Darmstadt team. The KIT SC showed their dominance and won the second match.

Rocket League

– Berlin Phoenix may be competing without their professional “Tigreee”, but “Gnagflow06” is back on the hunt for records, scoring one goal after another.

– Stuttgart’s “D3sired” scored five goals in one match. Nevertheless the Engines Stuttgart lost 3:2 against the newcomer Düsseldorf Dragons.

– There was a reverse sweep: FHDW eSports from Bergisch Gladbach initially went 2-0 in Fürhung, but the Hs.GL Shallops from Lübeck won 3-2.

– Munich eSports also won with a narrow 3:2 against the actual favorite Oldenburg Avengers.


– The Hero Bans for this week were: Orisa, Mei, Tracer and Moira.

– In the first match ESUG from Göttingen and the EGT Dracoons from Tübingen met. The first map was still very close, but then the Göttingen team prevailed and won 4:0.

– The UED Wolves also scored a 4-0 win against KIT SC Sphinx.

Counter-Strike:Global Offensive

– On the third matchday KIT SC Hellfire and the ChoKings Hannover met each other.

– The Hanoverians played the first half on Inferno again confidently, but the Karlsruher dominated the second half and won the match 16:10.

– Also on Mirage KIT SC Hellfire was superior and the Karlsruhe “srebbit” even scored a Pistol Ace. With 16:5 the Karlsruhe team also won the second match.



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