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LoL MSI: The Best Mid-Laner

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The League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) 2022 has started. Eleven teams are playing for the title in Busan, South Korea with a special focus on the Mid-Laners.

The MSI brings together the best LoL teams in the world to compete for a trophy and a prize pool of 250,000 US dollars. The event will kick off with a group stage (10 to 15 May), followed by the rumble stage (18 to 22 May) and the knockout stage to the final (27 to 29 May).

LoL is played in teams of five against each other, every position is important. But fans will be keeping an eye on the mid-laners in particular. After all, they coordinate the tactics and actions of their own team from the middle of the map. A good mid-laner can bring out the decisive percentage points when it comes to victory or defeat towards the end of the game. Some mid-laners will be expected to do a lot at this year’s MSI.

MSI: Faker as figurehead

First and foremost is Lee Sang-Hyeok, better known as “Faker” in LoL eSports. The South Korean superstar is in absolutely exceptional form and leads the T1 organisation with his calls. No other team is currently performing as outstandingly as T1 they finished their LCK split appearance with 18:0 and also marched all the way to the MSI without defeat in the playoffs. They are the title favourites, but the reckoning should not be made without other organisations.

Li “Xiaohu” Yuan-Hao of RNG is a true veteran in League, most recently returning from the top to the mid-lane. Seemingly unfazed by the position change, he leads the way with his leadership skills. Fans can also look forward to RNG, they are defending MSI champions.

Rasmus “caPs” Borregaard is competing for G2. The Berlin-based organisation performed very well in the European LEC. Hopes for another MSI success after 2019 rest mainly on the 22-year-old Dane caPs, who is known for being able to cut a good figure with any champion.

Regardless of who ends up lifting the trophy, it will be a gripping tournament with top-class matches. That is already certain.


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