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The final of the LoL European Masters 2020 Spring has been decided. For the winner there was 40.000 Euro to win.
With a pretty clear 3-0 victory the European mixed team LDLC could secure the first place in the final. Their opponents K1ck from Poland could only do little against them despite massive support on social media.

This was mainly aimed at the Bot-Laner Łukasz “Puki style” Zygmunciak. The Polish LoL professional appeared on many Twitter accounts of the community over the weekend.

Support also from the favourites
This year, most of the favourite teams left the EU Masters early. K1ck, for example, has already narrowly outperformed the German team Schalke 04 Evolution in the group phase.

Nevertheless, the Germans also took part in the Puki hype and announced their support for the Poles on Twitter.


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