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GTA Online: The Last Dose is here – all info on the release of the new update

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With The Last Dose, part 2 of the GTA Online update Los Santos Drug Wars has been released. We provide you with all the information about the release and what new content there is.

It took a while, but now the time has come: In GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars will finally be continued. After the release of First Dose at the end of 2022, it now continues with Last Dose . Rockstar revealed the update with a trailer, now the new missions and cars have hit the game.

Everything you should know about The Last Dose

Release: When will Last Dose be released?

The Last Dose has officially been released. The exact release date for the new GTA Online update is as follows:

  • Date: Thursday, 16 March 2023.
  • Time: Shortly before 11 a.m. German time

Content: What new content does Last Dose bring?

The Last Dose mainly revolves around five new story missions that continue the story missions around Dax and his Fooligans. With Dr. Friedlander even (another) old acquaintance from the story mode of GTA 5 returns! The names of the new missions are as follows:

  • This is an Intervention
  • Unusual Suspects
  • FriedMind
  • Checking In
  • BDKD

But it”s best to just take a look for yourself at the trailer for Last Dose:

Who was Dr. Friedlander again? If you need a little memory refresher: Dr. Isiah Friedlander was Michael”s psychotherapist in the single player of GTA 5, whom we could visit again and again in the course of the story. Actually, Dr. Friedlander did not survive the events of GTA 5 – no matter what we decide as Michael. But you”ll have to find out for yourself why he”s back now.

Cars: What new vehicles are there with Last Dose?

With The Last Dose two new cars have landed in GTA Online. These are the following vehicles, which are now available for purchase:

  • Ocelot Virtue for 2,235,000 to 2,980,000 GTA dollars (free for subscribers of GTA+)
  • Willard Eurora for 1,250,000 GTA dollars

    We”ll soon find out for ourselves what else The Last Dose has to offer and whether Rockstar has any other surprises up its sleeve for the sequel to Los Santos Drug Wars. We will revise this overview as soon as we know more!

    How much do you like the two parts of Los Santos Drug Wars? What new features and improvements would you like to see in GTA Online in the future? How much have you enjoyed Los Santos Drug Wars so far? Let us know in the comments!


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