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96% positive: First Steam players love new role-playing economic sim Big Ambitions

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The role-playing economic sim Big Ambitions wants to inspire with a comprehensive concept: A business sandbox in which almost everything is possible. The launch on Steam already succeeds.

The now over 1,500 reviews are almost unanimously of the same opinion: With 96 percent positive reviews, the role-playing business sim mix Big Ambitions stands at Extremely positive just a few days after the start of its Early Access phase on the (Platform Steam.)

Originally positive

Open World, Needs and Consumption

But what exactly is it about? In itself, true to its name, Big Ambitions relies on a simple premise: Start with nothing and work your way up to tycoon in New York. The highlight: You decide yourself when you earn money with what and in which place.

Your path to a full account is up to you. It doesn”t matter whether it”s a law firm, a fast-food restaurant chain or a retail shop. Big Ambition wants to give the player the freedom of choice in a huge business sandbox.

You set up your own buildings, take care of staff, delivery routes and customers … Oh yes, your avatar also wants to be kept alive.

Like in GTA and The Sims series, you live in the world as your avatar. You are not just an invisible hand managing a company via spreadsheets. Depending on how much money you have, your character has one or more places to live, has to eat or can buy cars. In short, he is a part of this digital version of New York City.

If you want to get an impression of the look, feel and possibilities of the game in video form, you can watch the trailer:

That”s why players love Big Ambitions

Besides the clean tech and already large scope, the title”s unusual gameplay and flow stand out. (Steam user WSF) sums it up for himself:

I”ve always wanted the combination of a bit of GTA plus Sims, coupled with a comprehensive business simulation.

(Steam-User Jagamaschin) was particularly taken with the diversity of Big Ambitions:

Various fields of activity that don”t let the game get boring even after a long time of playing

(Steam-User Rippy) refers to the classic “Just-the-same-search-effect“:

It”s the classic: You think, I”m just playing one more ingame tag. But then you try to convince yourself to finally go to bed an hour later.

Even though Big Ambitions has only just started in Early Access, the game idea and implementation already seem to harmonise. The Steam players are enthusiastic.

Whoever wants to try out another interesting simulation that trusts the player to cope with great detail, freedom and high game depth at the same time should take a look at Software Inc. After almost eight years, the title (with more than 5500 reviews at 94 percent positive).

What do you think? Have you already tried Big Ambitions? How do you like the Early Access and what makes the game so special for you? Write us your opinion in the comments! Tell us about your gaming experiences – what have you made your fortune with and what do you spend it on? Who would you recommend the game to?


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