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Genshin Impact: Preload prepares release of update 2.1, all info

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You can now download the big update 1.2 for Genshin Impact in advance. We explain to you what new content is available.

Update from December 21, 2020: The new update will be released in a few days. Shortly before the release, the preload of the patch starts now. This means that you can download the upcoming content for Genshin Impact before the release of Update 1.2 and then start playing right on time.

The preload is 7 GB in size and prepares you for the new content. Along with it, the developer released the full patch notes. You can find them on the official website of the developers of Genshin Impact, while we have already summarized the most important information about version 1.2 in the following text.

Original message: Still in 2020, the first new area of Genshin Impact will appear with update 1.2. In a stream, the developer studio gave a comprehensive overview of the new content.

  • Release: December 23, 2020
  • New area: Dragon’s Ridge
  • New characters: Albedo and Ganyu
  • New weapons: sword, greatsword, staff, catalyst
  • New artifact sets: one cryo and one hydro set

The Dragon’s Ridge area

The biggest change in Update 1.2 is the first map expansion of Genshin Impact. In the course of a new story quest, you’ll be transported to the snowy mountains of Dragon’s Ridge.

New enemy types: First and foremost, of course, you’ll encounter new enemies here. These are mainly new ice versions of the already known adversaries, such as Hilichurls or Fatui Mages.

Survival mechanics: There is also a new game mechanic. You have to be careful not to freeze to death. Accordingly, you must always seek out new heat sources and heat yourself up at them.

Event for the new area: The new seasonal event “Chalk and Dragons” will also take place in Dragon’s Ridge. The reward for this is the Sword of Corruption, which you can also refine through the event. In addition, there will be an event merchant again, as there was with the Fischl event “Distant Stars”.

Impressions of the new area can be found in the following screenshot gallery:

What can the new additions do?

Once again, you can obtain the new characters through the prayers. Albedo will be the first to be available in the banner. Accordingly, you will probably be able to use him directly at the release on December 23, 2020. Ganyu will follow a bit later.

Albedo – The Alchemist

  • Rarity: 5 Stars
  • Element: Geo
  • Weapon: Sword
  • Questline: From AR 42

Albedo is not only the main alchemist of the Ordo Favonius, but also their squad leader. With his elemental abilities, the creates a platform that he can also use in battle. His burst, on the other hand, makes some stone spikes erupt from the ground below him. The developer shows how this looks in battle in the following introduction video.

Ganyu – Ambassador of the Qixing

  • Rarity: 5 Stars
  • Element: Cryo
  • Weapon: Bow
  • Questline: From AR 44

Ganyu is half-human and half-adept, and a loyal follower of the god Rex Lapis. With her burst, she can summon a hail of ice in battle that harms enemies in a specific area. The studio also released a brief presentation of ganyu’s abilities.

Smaller innovations

In addition to this great new content, there are also some smaller adjustments again. Among other things, you can give nicknames to friends in your list and a private chat is also to come. In addition, the photo mode has been improved and also some adjustments have been made to the user interface in connection with the domains.

Rewards for advancement: One of the most useful adjustments will be the new rewards for advancing your characters, which will increase their maximum level. This way, in the future you’ll not only receive materials, but even predetermined destinies with which you can try your luck in the standard banner.

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