XDefiant: Season 1 – Release, new faction and all the important info


Ubisoft gives a brief preview of Season 1 for the Free2Play shooter. In it you will meet old acquaintances. We have the first info for you

The preseason is currently still running inXDefiantbut in a few weeks, Ubisoft plans to launch the first round of fresh content for its new shooter with Season One.

At the in-house presentationUbisoft Forwardthere was only a teaser for the upcoming season to be seen, with a deeper insight to follow shortly before the start.

XDefiant: Season 1 – All the important info

Season start

The game starts on July 2, 2024 There is no exact time yet and details of the patch that is very likely to be released are still to come

The trailer for Season 1 of XDefiant:

GSK – the new fraction

These are three operators from Ubisoft’s tactical shooterRainbow Six: Siege The three new characters belong to the German special police forces

One operator is most likelyBlitzfrom Siege, who can be easily recognized by the use of his large ballistic shield.

Ubisoft hasannounced in advance that it will only release one new faction per season.

New maps

One new map will be introduced each month, the three maps for Season 1 are shown briefly in the trailer.

  • Clubhouse:A map from Rainbow Six: Siege
  • Daytona:It is a race track
  • Rockefeller:A facility for paintball or laser tag

More content

There will bethree new weaponsin total. This is joined by Capture the Flaga classic game mode for the shooter genre.

New rewards for theRanked Modeare also announced and some new skins and weapon camos can also be seen in the trailer.

Like the shooter itself, all new content will be available to all players for free at the start of the season.However, there will be a Battle Pass.

What do you think of the outlook for Season 1 of XDefiant? Do you think the Operators from Rainbow Six: Siege are a good choice? Let us know what you think in the comments below