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After 40 million books sold: Fantasy author Brandon Sanderson’s biggest project will now be a P&P role-playing game

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The world-famous novel series The Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson is being turned into a pen&paper role-playing game. But it needs your help

It doesn’t get much bigger than Brandon Sanderson.The author of fantasy and science fiction books read around the world has now sold over 40 million copies of his work and earns an estimated ten million US dollars a year

Next to the Mistborn saga, “The Stormlight Archive”Brandon Sanderson’s best-known book series: Over ten planned volumes (four have been published so far), the fantasy epic tells the story of a world torn apart by conflict between two species and is part of a large cosmos that connects almost all of Sanderson’s books (the so-called Cosmer).

Now a pen & paper adaptation of the Stormlight Chronicles is in the starting blocks:On August 6, 2024the Kickstarter campaignfor the tabletop role-playing game will launch.Brotherwise Games, developers of the game system were in close contact with Brandon Sanderson for this, the game was already announced in 2022.

The TTRPG for The Stormlight Archive is said to offer completely new game mechanics, but nothing more is known about the content. The only thing that is clear is that the conflict between humans and Parshendi on the world of Roshan will take center stage: The events, characters and scenarios from the pen&paper are tobe part of the canon of Sanderson’s work

Brotherwise Games is familiar with the scenario; the company has already createdminiatures of the best-known charactersin the book series:

(Heavy magical armor and huge swords as well as powerful light magic are some of the special features of the Stormlight Chronicles)
(Heavy magical armor and huge swords as well as powerful light magic are some of the special features of the Stormlight Chronicles)

Sanderson has his fingers in almost every pie: the games fan even recently announced that he would be financially supporting a League of Legends e-sports team. Crowdfunding is also nothing new for him: in the past, the world-famous author has already raised large sums of money for the realization of special projects, most recently around 23 million dollars.

The author repeatedly turns to his fans to finance elaborate editions of existing books or completely new ideas.Volume 5 of The Stormlight Archiveentitled “Wind and Truth” will be published on December 6, 2024.

A film adaptation of his other major fantasy series, Mistborn, is also currently in the pipeline. As for the written word: Brandon Sanderson plans to start work on a new era in the same universe in early 2025.

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