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State of Decay 3: The zombie open world finally returns from the dead after four years

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There’s a new sign of life for State of Decay 3! This consists of a dewy trailer and a handful of info on the new open-world game with zombies

Don’t worry:State of Decay 3is still coming. You can’t blame fans of the zombie series for worrying about the latest game from Undead Labs.Announced back in 2020, the third installment has been suspiciously quiet in recent years.

Now, however, there is finally a new trailer and a handful of new information about State of Decay 3.But be warned:These are not too specific. Instead, fans can of course expect the new installment to follow in the same vein as its two predecessors.

At this point, take a look at the brand new trailer for State of Decay 3, which doesn’t feature gameplay, but does come with snazzy Unreal Engine 5 graphics&nbsp:

Many questions, a few answers

What you should know about State of Decay 3 right now?We’ve summarized the most important information for you in the following list:

  • State of Decay 3 currently has no release date!When the latest game from Undead Labs will be released remains to be seen.
  • State of Decay 3 continues to focus on anOpen World, in which we fight for survival in the zombie apocalypse in the role of various characters. Any character can die in the process,Permadeathis the keyword.
  • The game is based on theUnreal Engine 5and for the co-op/multiplayer component, Undead Labs is receiving support from the developers at Obsidian (Fallout: New Vegas, Grounded, Avowed) thanks to Microsoft’s patronage.
  • State of Decay 3 is set further in the future than its two predecessors. And this is reflected, for example, in the look of the zombies: they continue to decompose and are hardly more beautiful to look at.
  • We continue to defend ourselves against the undead with firearms, melee weapons and … car doors, as the new cinematic trailer makes clear.
  • Weapon and vehicle modification appears to play a greater role. The survivors’ car in the trailer for State of Decay 3, for example, could have come straight out of a Mad Max movie.

By the way:You can get a taste of what to expect in State of Decay 3 in our detailed tests of the first two parts of the zombie seriesState of Decay 1 was great, butState of Decay 2 was rather poor(at least at release) – so it will definitely be exciting to see what Undead Labs will come up with now with Microsoft’s support.


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