Arcane: Fans only need 12 seconds of season 2 to uncover an important story detail


The successful Netflix series might not pick up seamlessly from the first season with season 2, a small detail from a teaser reveals, according to fans

The series adaptation ofLeague of Legendswill not only delight players of the MOBA in 2021. Arcane returns in 2024 with season 2 in November and fans are busy analyzing every new image and clip

A short teaser now provides another fan theory:It seems that viewers can expect a time jumpof possibly several years in the new episodes.

“Several years later… “

The 2nd season of Arcane could start like this, at least that’s what some fans think. The reason for this is a character who can be seen in the latest teaser for the series

What does the teaser show?Of course, Caitlyn and Vi stand out immediately, with the latter now also wearing the uniform of the Enforcers, the police force of the metropolis of Piltover.

For the fan theory, however, the person on the far left in the final image is relevant. According to some fans, this is supposed to beRen, the daughter of the corrupt enforcer Marcusfrom season 1.

There is now speculation that season 2 could take a time jump of up to ten years. This could possibly happen right at the start or after two or three episodes

Not a novelty for Arcane:The series already skipped a few years in between after the 3rd episode in season 1.

Vi, an enforcer?

The fact that Vi now joins the police force responsible for her parents’ death comes as a surprise to some viewers.

LoL players already know what to expect. In thelore of the MOBAVi’s journey from criminal from the Undercity to protector of Piltover is told in a slightly different and less detailed way than in the series.

Perhaps the second season of Arcane will explain her exact motivations, which are most likely linked to the actions of her sister Jinx and her relationship with Caitlyn.

Arcane is one of the best video game adaptations, but Fallout came out on top in the GameStar community ranking. Incidentally, both series have one thing in common: Ella Purnell. She is not only Lucy McLean from Vault 33, but also the English voice of Jinx. Arcane also made it to number 3 in your list.