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Friday, June 14, 2024

Dragon Age: The Veilguard shows surprising gameplay clip in 24 seconds

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Apparently in response to the criticism of the first trailer, Bioware is showing the first gameplay from Dragon Age 4 earlier than planned

Gameplay premiere on June 11, 2024? Fiddlesticks,You can take a first look at the game graphicsofDragon Age: The Veilguardtoday.

Because Bioware and Electronic Arts have published a short clip from the role-playing game on X (formerly Twitter). And it looks noticeably different from the announcement trailer that attracted a lot of criticism:

In the 24-second video yousee the series mascot Varrictogether with the player character (called Rook) on their arrival in the city of Minrathous. A flying fortress hovers over the city

The adventurers’ search for Scout Harding takes them to the gloomy metropolis; she is said to have a clue to the whereabouts of the villain Solas. As a reminder, Hardin is a playable companion for the first time in part 4 of the Dragon Age series, of which there will be seven in total.

But back to the video:In the rain, lightning and thunderwe see some NPCs negotiating at a market stall, as well as a beggar woman to whom we can presumably give a coin as a charitable gift. There are puddles of rain on the ground, but the water does not react to Varric and Rook’s footsteps

More buildings and palaces loom darkly in the distance, the windows glowing red. An atmospheric ambience!

For all those who are not so familiar with the world of Dragon Age: Minrathous is the capital of the mage empire Tevinter, which is why flying fortresses and mages on display in the video are nothing unusual there.

For many critical fans, the graphics shown (leaving out the heavy compression of the clip on the short message service X) should represent a significant improvement on what was shown at the Microsoft showcase of Dragon Age 4. More gameplay from Dragon Age: The Veilguard is scheduled for release on June 11.


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