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Both the PS5 and the new Xbox Series S/X are officially available in a few weeks. Microsoft has released a video about this, which has improved on their next-gen console.
After Sony had already published information about their new console, Microsoft is following up with an Xbox Series X/S walkthrough video. This video explains and discusses all new features of the console in just under 15 minutes.

Here is the video from the official Xbox YouTube channel:

What we take from the video
– The user interface has been completely revised
– enhanced graphics
– “Quick-Resume” function
– Screenshots and gameplay recordings with new button
– Shoulder buttons with significantly more grip
– Additional SSD as a memory expansion of the Xbox Series X possible

Price & Release

The prices of the two consoles are 299 Euro (Series S) and 499 Euro (Series X). There will also be a subscription model that promises an Xbox Series S (Series X for 34.99 a month) from 24.99 euros a month, access to 100 games on console and PC, EA Play with 60 official games and access to 100 games in the cloud.

The release date for both models is November 10, 2020


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