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A global release is planned for WoW Shadowlands. For us Europeans this would mean that the expansion would go live on a Tuesday at 00:00. But if you plan to level super fast and gain certain resources in the first ID, you won’t get any advantage out of it. Ion Hazzikostas confirmed this on Twitter.

When WoW Shadowlands is released sometime, there will be a global release – at least that was the plan so far. Similar to what only the Americans usually do, it would mean for us Europeans that we could start at 00:00 on Tuesday. But the ID reset is already on Wednesday as usual. So could particularly eager players level up to level 60 on the first day and earn weekly rewards like soul ash or fame before most other players before the ID reset?

This question was asked on Twitter directly to WoW’s Game Director Ion Hazzikostas. He confirmed that players who level to 60 on day one will not have an advantage over other players who don’t immediately reach the new maximum level of 60. He did not reveal exactly how this works. Maybe the catch-up mechanism for fame and soul ashes will take effect immediately after ID reset, or maybe it will simply not be possible to gain both of these resources on the first day. So you can level relaxed.

What would be so bad about more Fame and Soul Ash?
Soul Ashes are obtained from Torghast and are needed to forge a legendary item. Just like Fame, you can only earn a certain amount of Soul Ash per ID. While you only need a small amount of Soul Ash for the first Legendary Item, the Legendaries with higher item levels require more of the Torghast resource.

With Fame you can expand your Pact Sanctum and gain more Pact features. At first glance, fame doesn’t seem to be as important as soul ash, but with fame or the expansion of your new order hall in the Shadow Lands, you can also unlock additional rows of your soul bond talent tree, which will affect your character’s strength in the long run.


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