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There is a new update for Call of Duty in Modern Warfare and in Battle-Royal mode Warzone. Among other things, annoying exploits are removed and the shotgun JAK-12 is adapted.

General Fixes
The new patch notes reveal the following changes:

– The bug caused by the code in bunker 3 has been fixed.
– The gas mask was deactivated in Warzone for the time being
– Snipers Only (Team Death Match) will be disabled until a serious bug is fixed, but will be replaced by a 3vs3 Gunfight Snipers Only in the meantime.
– Fixed the Zombie Royal Exploit that made players invisible.

The newly added shotgun will be slightly degraded. Besides the movement speed, the fire rate of the JAK-12 was reduced.

Here you can read the original patchnotes!

Note: The Halloween event, which currently runs on both games, will continue until November 3rd.

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