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With the official launch of VALORANT, Riot will polish up many features. Among other things, there will be stricter guidelines for user behavior.

The release of VALORANT is not far off. With the announcement of the date, the developers of Riot have again published a large blog post. Many questions about the launch of the game are answered in it.

New rules of conduct
A major bone of contention in the closed beta are the players themselves. Again and again there is the discussion about misogynistic or xenophobic users, against whom apparently too little action is taken. This will change with the release.

So there will be official rules of conduct at the launch. Those who do not adhere to them can get three-day chatbans for clear violations. Whether this measure is sufficient to educate the players remains to be seen.

Vanguard becomes more effective
The controversial anti-cheat is supposed to be more extensive and faster from the release. This includes autobans in clear cases. Furthermore, only half of the program is said to have been active in the closed beta.

In case of compatibility problems, Riot wants to continue to be in quick exchange with the community and fix bugs as soon as possible.

Many fixes and new content
The game itself is also set to change. Current problems like the deficient Hitreg should be solved at launch, one of the developers announced on Twitter.

In addition, a new game mode, a new map and a new agent were tapped simultaneously. So far, however, only his shoe is known.


According to the developers, the new agent will polarize strongly at the beginning, similar to Raze. However, what exactly he or she will be able to do has not yet been revealed.


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