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At the age of 15 already at the European Fortnite Olympics: The German JannisZ wins the Fortnite Championship Series Invitational as a soloist.

With a crying Emoji JannisZ celebrated his victory at the FNCS Invitational. More than 30,000 Likes are (so far) posted on Twitter.

The 15-year-old won the top European tournament online and beat 99 competitors. The tournament lasted 12 matches and two tournament days. After tournament day one he was already the leader.

In the end, only one “epic victory” was enough for the overall success, for which the matches are added up. He won by 20 points ahead of Jaden “Wolfiez” Ashman from Great Britain and David “aqua” Wang from Austria, who finished third in the duo mode at the Fortnite World Championships last year.

“We cried”

After the success it became very emotional also with his parents. “They came up. We were happy, hugged each other. We cried,” he said in his stream. In addition to the prize money of 120,000 US dollars, there is also the “Hoe of Champions” as a skin for him.

According to a discord chat, he was even more pleased than the prize money. Even if the young gamer surely meant that with a wink.

The FNCS are a regional substitute event for the Fortnite World Championship of Epic Games. Due to the Corona Pandemic, the World Championship was cancelled this year. Last year, there was around 30 million US dollars in the prize pool there.


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