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The second and fourth week of the Uniliga summer season is played. We have summarized all the highlights of the match weeks for you here.

The Uniliga is an Esport league organized by students and is aimed at all registered students in Germany.

League of Legends – Matchday 2

– The underdogs of the last season are starting again this season. With a 2-0 win over ESUG Ultimate Five Feeders from Göttingen, they are currently in third place in the table.

– The Hanover Hounds stayed too long in the base of the Racoons Gießen in their first match. The Giesseners pushed again, but the Hanover Hounds won the first match.

– The Hanover Hounds also won the second match and are currently on top of the table.

Rocket League – Matchday 2

– Munich eSports, who are expected by the castern to be on the last places in the table, achieved another victory against the Ahoi Bois from Hamburg.
– The newcomer Düsseldorf Dragons lost the first match against YAIX Aachen.
– The Ahoi Bois from Hamburg had to play a second time and met the Oldenburg Avenergs. In their second match of the evening they also lost 3:0.
– The favourites KIT SC Lawnmowers met HsGL.Shallops from Lübeck and scored 3:1 to win.
– In the last match the Engines Stuttgart achieved their first victory of the season against Skyline Frankfurt.

Overwatch – Matchday 4

– Munich eSports and Munich SeppSports met in the Munich Derby. The reigning university champion, Munich eSports, won the match 4-0.
– ESK A Salt from Kaiserslautern met HsGL.Foxes from Lübeck. For the Lübeckers it was about the first victory of the season, but Kaiserslautern won the match 4-0.

Counter-Strike:Global Offensive – Matchday 4

– ESUG GOEttlike and TudTud Darmstadt met and it came to rather unusual map picks: Overpass and Train.
– The Göttingen team could not keep up their winning streak. Although they won on Overpass, they had to admit defeat on Train.



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