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After much criticism about the ranking system in beta, there are now news for the ranks in VALORANT. With the next patch the matchmaking comes back.

This week the patch 1.02 for VALORANT will be released. With this update the ranked mode will come back into the game. Riot seems to have taken the feedback from the beta to heart.

With the new update comes graphically reworked rank icons, as well as making it easier to play with friends. During the placement matches, players who are further apart from the MMR should now be able to play together.

Possible balance problems?
But with the new system, Riot also fears that lobbies could quickly tip over in favour of a team. So players who are extremely far apart will still not be able to play with each other.

In addition, Riot will monitor the system permanently and make adjustments should problems arise.

Another point of criticism from the community were the rangemblems and the name of the highest rank. The developers have now adapted both. The highest rank is now called “Radiant” instead of “Valorant”.

Here you can see the new emblems:

In addition, it will be possible in future to closely follow one’s own MMR progress over the two-month seasons or acts. It is not known whether a new act will also reset the rank.

However, this would also eliminate one of the biggest points of criticism: Many players have feared that there will be too many players at the highest rank at some point. With resets, only the best players at any given time would be at the radiant rank.


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