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Since last week, Fortnite fans can dive into the water battle of Season 3. In addition to the summer update, the new Battle Pass has also been released, enabling 100 new contents.

What the Battle Pass costs
The standard version of the Season 3 Battle Pass costs 950 V-Bucks. This corresponds to a real money value of 10 Euros. Once the pass is purchased, content can be unlocked as usual by playing the game.

Impatient or more affluent players can even skip the first 25 levels if the Battle Bundle is purchased for 2800 V-Bucks. So the first 25 levels are unlocked directly without having played a single minute. This includes the character diver Jonesy as well as a design umbrella or the pickaxe skin flood hook.

An additional bonus: Those who make full use of the possibilities of the Battle Pass earn up to 1,500 V-Bucks and have thus earned more in-game currency than the standard pass costs.

Challenges around The Fortilla
The new place of desire: The Fortilla. Located in the southwest of the map, this archipelago offers numerous secret vaulted item vaults that can equip players with top-of-the-line weapons early in the match. In addition, many of the new challenges for the Battle Pass can be completed in this region. For example, a whirlpool can be found, which is important for the challenge around the DC hero Aquaman.

Although the DC hero Aquaman is at the visual center of the Season 3 presentation, the other characters are at least as interesting. The playable characters around Ocean are unlocked with special skins by leveling up in Battle Pass.

More than just Aquaman in Battle Pass
Season 3 Battle Pass unlocks a total of 100 content items, one feature per level up. In addition, the first seven map remote challenges have begun in week 1. The Style Challenges provide information on what needs to be done for the characters to unlock them.

To reach the highest level, over seven million experience points must be gained. At level 100, all rewards will be unlocked to Eternal Knight.

Season 3 of Chapter 2 will last until August 27, 2020. Accordingly, players will have just over two months to unlock the content from Battle Pass.


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