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In Riots Shooter VALORANT is live since 24.06. Patch 1.02. But instead of the eagerly awaited ranked mode, players got a bug that made matches unplayable for a short time.
Imagine the following situation: It’s 12:11 and you have to go head-to-head for the deciding duel. You know your opponent’s position and aim for the appropriate angle – and suddenly your opponent comes flying through the walls and mows you down from the side.

What at first sounds extremely bizarre was not a rare sight in the latest version of VALORANT. Because if you put the “ghost” function, which allows you to fly over the map in private lobbies, on a key, you could do the same in normal matches. Fortunately Riot reacted quickly.

Reddit for help
Shortly after the release of patch 1.02 a popular Reddit thread of the user “DisciplinedPenguin” appeared, which shows a video clip of the bug. But as has been shown several times, the Riot developers are extremely active in the forums, especially during hot phases.

Only two hours later one of the developers responded with the words: “The bug should be fixed.” However, that still doesn’t quite explain how such obvious bugs make it into a live build of the game.

Even if we have to keep waiting for Ranked: Rott’s strategy of waiting until things are stable before going into this mode is paying off. If the worst bugs are quickly eliminated, the developers are probably spared a lot of stress.

So another bug has appeared, which causes players to be in the wrong spawn at the start of the round. So far there is no fix, but Game Director Ziegler assures that work is in progress.


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