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This year’s Call of Duty should already be known by the end of June. But contrary to the last few years, publisher Activision has so far kept quiet. We show you what is already known.

The developers of the newest CoD offshoot are this time Treyarch, who were responsible for the last four parts of the Black Ops series. Accordingly, it is likely that the 2020 offshoot of the Call of Duty series will also become a Black Ops part.

Previous Leaks pointed to the name “Black Ops: Cold War”. Similar to Modern Warfare 2019, this game will be a reboot of the series with an alternative storyline. By many new leaks, which were removed by Activision in the meantime, this assumption seems to be confirmed, although the title is not final yet.

An alpha build of the game has also appeared in between. There the game has the code name “The Red Door”. This version of the game is 71 gigabytes in size and was sighted on the PlayStation Package Database. There you could see the following artwork:

Info about game modes
Currently, little is known about the game itself. According to a tweet from Jeff Grubb, who has already leaked correct information in the past, the new Call of Duty should bring back the blackout mode known from Black Ops 4.


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