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In the latest developer update Anna Donlon, Executive Producer of VALORANT, talks about the challenges of a beta launch in times of the corona crisis.
Over one million viewers on Twitch, even before the start of the closed beta: Everyone is excited about VALORANT. Players who have been granted access to the Closed Beta are looking forward to getting started today, April 7th. Or are they not?

Executive Producer Donlon emphasizes that the start of a beta could always be a bit shaky. But especially in the current time “more problems than usual are to be expected”. In particular, she goes into the server structure of the game.

One of the biggest goals of VALORANT’s development team was to create a lag-free gaming experience. Since not all the necessary servers can be provided due to the current pandemic, “higher ping than planned” may occur.

Delaying the launch?
“I’m afraid we can’t run as fast as we’d like.” This explains the possibility that the official launch of the game in summer might be delayed. This should be mainly due to the establishment of new server structures worldwide and the associated testing.

The beta is also affected by this. Currently it looks like only Europe and North America will be able to start the beta early. Donlon at least doesn’t mention Asia, although the date is also shown there in the chart.

Mistakes are not avoidable
Also the players, who are already admitted for the beta on April 07, should not expect a perfect gaming experience. “In the current situation we can clearly say that it will probably be a little bumpier than usual,” Donlon said of the current state of the game.

Some features are not yet fully developed, while the majority of the game should feel very finished. At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that this is a beta, and it’s there to be tested.

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