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Epic Games expects to extend the current season 2 in Fortnite Chapter 2 by two weeks. While players expect new content, the additional time will also allow for farming for Battle Pass levels.
Originally, Season 2 was scheduled to end on April 30. However, now rumors are circulating about a possible extension until May 15th. Data-Miner Hypex has found several updates on the servers of Epic Gamers, but they have not yet been implemented into the game. With several updates queued at the same time, the developer would either have to extend the season or release them in very short intervals.

Epic Games has already extended Chapter 2 Season 1 by two months. Large parts of the community have not agreed to this decision. The game is dead, the current season is boring and changes are urgently needed, it found an echo in forums and social media channels.

A possible extension of the current season 2, however, provokes mixed reactions: Many players would postpone the release date of Season 3. This would give more time to level the current Battle Pass. Especially the skin “Golden Agent Peely” is in great demand, but can only be unlocked from level 300 on.

At the same time, new content and live events are expected from season 3. In addition, Epic Games must also protect its player base against a new competitor: Another shooter is currently in the spotlight with the new title Valorant from Riot Games. Fourteen professionals like Harrison “Psalm” Chang are already changing disciplines. From the players’ point of view, the 3rd season should therefore bring enough hype not to be lost in the competition.



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