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Just in time for Easter there is also the revival of a video game legend. On 10.04. the long-awaited remake of Final Fantasy VII will be released. 23 years after the original release, the classic is now available in a new edition for PlayStation 4.

After years of odyssey, the time has finally come. Five years after the announcement of the remake, Cloud Strife & Co. return to the PlayStation. The footprints of the original are of course huge. After all, many see Final Fantasy VII as the great pioneer that brought the breakthrough for roleplaying games on the console.

More than “just” a remake
Square Enix is well aware of this legacy and the huge expectations of its fans, so the developer invested a lot of time and effort to not only upgrade to contemporary graphics for Final Fantasy VII.

Finally, with WarCraft III: Reforged, Blizzard demonstrated very clearly how not to handle remakes. Accordingly, Square Enix has repeatedly emphasized that it will be a reinterpretation of Final Fantasy VII rather than a remake.

While the newly staged Midgar is a feast for the eyes, fans of the game will certainly be just as interested in the innovations Square Enix has put into the remake: a reworked combat system, new soundtracks, and also previously unexplored facets and perspectives of the story.

For example, the city of Midgar is much more detailed. Everywhere there are hidden corners that invite you to discover. We also learn more about the backgrounds of already known protagonists like Aerith, but also completely new characters developed for the remake are introduced.

All these additions have expanded to such an extent that it was decided to divide Final Fantasy VII remake into several episodes, in order to meet the own claim of a “full-fledged remake”. The first episode, which is now being released, deals extensively with the first story section of the original in the city of Midgar.

We are definitely looking forward to diving into the world of Cloud Strife again.

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