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With the launch of VALORANT, Riot Games has added some new content. After only one day of play time some bugs were already discovered on Ascent and with Reyna.

With the new agent Reyna, players are currently experimenting heavily. Accordingly, the community is gradually uncovering bugs that the developers have missed so far.

For example, their Flash behaves like a wallhack when you look into a smoke at the same time. However, this is more of a problem for Reyna players than their opponents.

Ascent to Ascent
Even on the new Ascent map, not everything is running ideally yet. Thus a corner was already discovered, into which one can boost oneself as Jett relatively simply. Thus one remains quasi hanging on the ceiling.

Opponents running through the passage have no chance to pay attention to this angle. Accordingly, the exploit offers a very unfair advantage for all defending jets.

It is probably exactly such bugs that are the reason why Riot leaves the ranked mode disabled for the time being. Until the game is really competitive and fair playable, it will probably need one or two more patches.


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