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Are headshots too light in VALORANT? Most players will probably deny that, because they don’t do that many kills. One user has now done some educational work in Reddit.

Currently VALORANT is still in closed beta. There is a lot of testing and trial and error.

The Reddit user Snapcut505 has presented in a small clip the hit box of the headshot animation at agent Jett and showed how big it is when you stand with your side or back to the opponent.

It is clear that shots to the shoulder or neck are counted as head shots. According to Riot, however, the same hitboxes should count for all agents, despite different outward appearances. It is not clear why headshots are obviously easier to achieve with Jett.

Therefore, it could also be a bug that the developers will soon eliminate.

The final version of VALORANT is announced for summer 2020. The game will then be free-to-play and, according to the current state, only available for the PC.


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