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From old to new: The current steam charts show how popular remakes are among players. Indie titles continue to dominate the field.

This week, the Steam Charts are going really well! After only the same titles competed with each other over and over again, there are now five newcomers who are daring a storm to the top.

New editions convince Steam players
With its release on September 25, 2020, the Mafia: Definitive Edition catapults itself directly to number 5 in the steam charts. The almost twenty-year-old game was already convincing in its time and with Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular gangster simulations of its time.

A modernized graphics makes the game come alive in today’s time and puts the events of the 1930s in a particularly good light. In addition to the fundamental revision, there are also a few new features that Mafia fans can look forward to or have to get used to.

For example, the difficulty has been adapted to today’s standards to avoid unfair game situations. For hardcore gamers there is again the “Classic Mode”, which makes the game especially challenging.

NieR Automata has also made it into the charts. This placement is also most likely due to a remake: In the course of the Tokyo Game Awards, a revised version of NieR Replicant was announced, which is the prequel to Automata.

Besides a nice trailer, the release date of the game was also announced. As a result, the new version of NieR Replicant will be released on April 24, 2021.

Huge update brings No Man’s Sky back
Also No Man’s Sky has once again made it into the charts. Under the name “Origins” the fourth big expansion for the space exploration game was released on September 23. After a very bumpy start in 2016, the developers of Hello Games did everything to meet the demands of the fans.

Four years after the release and numerous patches and updates later, the space survival game has built up a large player base. In addition to new planets, a new flora and fauna awaits you in Origins, which invites you to explore.

Indie titles still dominate the top
Among Us is still enthroned at the top. Originally, the title was released in 2018, but only recently got a real hype. Especially on Twitch the game is trending and impresses with unbeatable viewer numbers.

Fall Guys is still in the top 3, but had to give up the second place to the Valve Index VR Kit. The Valve Index is a VR-Hedset, which was designed especially for Half-Life: Alyx.

Hades moved it from seventh position to 4th place. The Rogue-Like was originally a time-exclusive title in the Epic Game Store. In 2019 the game was released on Steam, but was only recently completed. The game reaped dream ratings and is already considered one of the biggest indie titles of the year.

Steam Sales Charts (September 21-27, 2020)
1.Among Us
2.Valve Index VR Kit
3.Fall Guys
5.Mafia: Definitive Edition
6.Medieval Dynasty
7.Nier Automata
8.No Man’s Sky
9.Red Dead Redemption
10.Cyberpunk 2077

The list is made up of the 10 best selling Steam products of the past week. The top sellers are updated every Sunday and published via XML feed. Meanwhile, different sales versions are clearly marked.


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