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Fall Guys is an absolute hit among players, the brightly colored characters have it the online world angetan. One fan even feels encouraged to get creative outside the game world. Therefore he starts an ambitious project, which suddenly ends in a disaster on camera.

Fall Guys: Colorful, weird and for strong nerves
Battle Royale games don’t always have to be played with weapons, as Studio Devolver Digital proves with Fall Guys. Up to 60 players have to prove themselves in various mini-games in a single match to reach the coveted crown in the end – a mixture of racing, survival and a little tactics, but often strong nerves are required in the turmoil. Nevertheless, there are now many fans worldwide and some of them are even very creative.

Case Guys: A bean from Lego
Twitter user Lukepa recently sat down and tackled a mammoth project. With a scale of 1:6, he built one of the colorful figurines made of Lego. The published video is played in fast motion, but one can assume that he spent a few hours building it. The final result was definitely worth seeing.

Where is the disaster, you ask yourself? See for yourself:

It can happen so quickly, but he has certainly learned from his misfortune. By the way, he promised to take on the task once again. This time he will probably approach the presentation differently.


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