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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and CoD Warzone is starting the new Season 6 today. We have summarized all important information like start time, preload, download size of the new update, new features and fresh content like weapons or operators for you to start.

Even if many people are already looking forward to the new Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – before the release of the new CoD 2020, Modern Warfare and Warzone will be really exciting. Because a new season is approaching – Season 6.

Season 6 starts today – you should know that
When exactly does Season 6 start? Date and time: Season 6 starts on 29.09. at 8:00 am German time – on all platforms, i.e. on PS4, Xbox One and on the PC.

Will there be an update at the start of Season 6? Yes, before you can start Season 6, you need to download the new update 1.27 for CoD Modern Warfare and Warzone.

In addition, console players who own Modern Warfare on PS4 and Xbox One may still need to download the Survival Pack and Compatibility Pack.

How large is the download for Update 1.27? Activision has published the following information:

– PlayStation 4: 19.3 GB
– Xbox One: 22.66 GB
– PC: 57 GB (with Modern Warfare) and 25.5 GB (only with Warzone)

And this is how big the respective packs for console gamers are:

– PlayStation 4 Compatibility Pack: 7.8 GB
– PlayStation 4 Survival Pack: 5.8 GB
– Xbox One Compatibility Pack: 8 GB
– Xbox One Survival Pack: 5.9 GB

Is there a preload for Update 1.27 and Season 6? Yes, you can preload the new update for Season 6, but only on the PS4.

If you’re on PlayStation 4 and don’t see the new update even after checking manually – don’t despair. The preload runs in 2 waves. So you will definitely be able to download the new update later today.

Update 29.09, 08:35 a.m.: The new Season 6 has now been officially presented in detail with all its contents. Here you can find all detailed information: CoD MW & Warzone: Season 6 introduced – Here’s what you get at the start and during the course of the update

So far the following is officially announced for the new Season 6:

– There is traditionally a new Battle Pass with 100 levels. The free reward branch there is free for all players. Everything gameplay relevant can be freely obtained by all players – for example the new basic weapons. The premium branch costs 10€ or 1,000 CoD points and offers more cosmetic rewards
– There is also a Season Pass bundle for 2,400 CoD points, which includes an additional 20 animal skips
– New weapons are coming, 2 of them are already known: The assault rifle AS Val and the sniper R700 (the actual ingame names may be different)
– 2 new operators: Farah, the rebel leader from the campaign and Nikolai, an old friend of Captain Price. Farah is available immediately when you buy the Battle Pass, Nikolai is available at level 100
– On the map of Warzone there is a subway network. So there are new battle zones and new ways to move faster over the map
– There is also a new playlist, modes and bug fixes and some balance adjustments – read more in the patch notes


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