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This week Epic is giving away two games that are real insider tips on Steam

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Do you know The Big Con and Town of Salem 2? If not, you now have the chance to get your hands on both titles for free

Once again this week, the Epic Store has free games for you. Two titles that often fly under the radar, but wrongly so, at least according to user reviews. Sound exciting to you? Then let’s get straight to the point

The Big Con and Town of Salem 2 are being given away this week in the Epic Store. If you haven’t had these two games on your radar yet, don’t worry: we’ll introduce them to you in more detail now.

The Big Con

(Genre:Adventure – Release: August 31, 2021 – Developer: Mighty Yell)

(The Big Con at Epic Games   ) 

How far would you go to get money? Steal from other children? Steal people’s wallets from their trouser pockets on the street? Lie to your best friends? Teenager Ali would answer all three questions with a resounding Yes 

At first glance, this might not sound like the kind of heroine you would want to embody in a game. But Ali’s thieving activities have a serious and quite honorable background: She wants to raise money to save her parents’ video store from nasty loan sharks.

That’s why Ali skips band camp and instead sets off on a road trip through the USA in the 90s.

On Steam The Big Con comes up extremely positive user reviews. Most praise the unique graphic style, the soundtrack and the numerous dialogs with your unknowing victims.

Town of Salem 2

(Genre:Action – Release: August 25, 2023 – Developer: BlankMediaGames LLC)

(Town of Salem 2 by Epic Games )

Who is the traitor? This question is not only the central gameplay aspect in the indie hit Among Us, but also in Town of Salem 2. The gameplay is strikingly similar to the popular role model.

What’s it all about? In the town of Salem, the coven of witches has seized power. As a God-fearing inhabitant, it is your job to find out who among your fellow citizens is up to no good and who is innocent. Together with other players, you will roam through Salem. Depending on whether you are on the side of the witches or the good inhabitants, your goal will vary.

What becomes clear when looking at the Steam reviews becomes clear: Town of Salem 2 is not a hit. The overall conclusion of the reviews is only good enough for Mostly positive

Often criticized are unbalanced character classes and an unfriendly community towards newcomers. We can’t say to what extent this criticism is true. But now you have the opportunity to form your own opinion for free

Important info: Town of Salem 2 is a Free2Play game anyway, which makes the term game gift in the Epic Store seem strange at first. However, something is actually being given away, namely the so-called Epic Shimmerscale Pack. Among other things, this includes an exclusive pet, various characters including skins and items for your home.

While not free, many games on Steam are also currently heavily discounted. The big shooter sale is taking place there until April 22. So if you’re in the mood for some uncomplicated action, you should take a look at our personal recommendations linked above.

Many new games have been released not only on Steam, but also on GOG and in the Epic Store, which run the risk of getting lost among all the big releases. We have therefore picked out eleven titles that you should definitely not overlook.


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