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Even WoW jumps on the Fallout bandwagon, fans are enraptured: (Deserves a raise)

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The World of Warcraft social media team has its finger on the pulse again with its content and has now even been nominated twice for an award for it

The Fallout hype has not passed Blizzard’s MMO by. Bethesda’s role-playing games are currently enjoying great popularity, which is not least due to the successful Amazon series. On X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram, the social media team behind World of Warcraft is wishing fans lots of fun in the Vaults and making their own fans pretty happy

Fallout image delights WoW fans

In the WoW subreddit, users are currently enjoying a picture that was shared via the official WoW accounts on Instagram and co.

Whoever is operating the wow instagram acc need a raise.
byu/Main-Basil-5695 inwow

You can see a character in a blue uniform, which is modeled on the clothing of the Vault inhabitants from Fallout. He is joined by a dog, which is also frequently featured in the series and video games. Both are standing in front of a vault, the door of which is reminiscent of the large locking mechanisms of the underground bunkers in Fallout.

“This is simply enchanting,” writes TheSanquineCropse under the post. The author of the post, Main-Basil-5696, not only thinks the picture is very funny, but also thinks the person behind the Instagram account deserves a pay rise

Maybe not more money, but nominations

Of course, there’s a whole team behind the social media presence of a title as big as WoW. Whether they will get more money for this post is unlikely

recognition, however, comes in the form of two nominations for the Shorty Awards These awards are presented for social media campaigns by brands, agencies and non-profit organizations. Blizzard Entertainment is nominated with several campaigns for World of Warcraft, Diablo and Overwatch. 

The WoW team has not been shortlisted for their funny Fallout posts, however, but for a revision of their own alt texts for images. These image-describing texts are important for people who, for various reasons, are unable to see images well.

The texts should convey the humor, but also the details from the rich WoW lore that can be seen in the pictures. One example of this is this tweet, which picks up on the AI image that went viral a few months ago, showing a man fighting an alligator

To read the alt text, you first have to open the tweet by clicking on X and then move your mouse pointer over the lettering Alt at the bottom left of the image.

The second nomination was for contributions in which memes and current events are taken up in images and then recreated with elements from the game.

One example is this X-Post, which shows a scene from the movie Barbie with Margot Robbie and places it in a WoW context.

So you can see that the Fallout image is not just a single idea that is well received by the community, but part of a larger social media strategy. You can find numerous such images on the World of Warcraft accounts alongside information about the game. Can you think of any other studios that are doing a good job on social media? Feel free to write your opinion in the comments:

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