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Thursday, May 23, 2024

The trailer for the first AI movie is here! And it looks just as bad as you imagine it to be

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“Next Stop Paris” is a romantic comedy from the computer

In the summer of 2023 actors in Hollywood were still on strike against AI, on April 12, 2024 TCL (yes, the TV manufacturer) released the first trailer for its AI-generated film.

Why it’s important: This is another step towards AI-generated content. While Sora allows the creation of one-minute clips, work is underway elsewhere on entire films.

Here’s what the trailer looks like: Feel free to take a look at the one-minute clip that TCLtvplus has released.

What’s the movie about? On its YouTube channel TCLtvplus writes the following synopsis:

Next Stop Paris begins with a young woman on a train who, despite being heartbroken because her fiancé ran off with a member of her wedding party, has decided to spend her honeymoon in Paris alone. On board the train, she meets a mysterious stranger and their love story blossoms as they explore the “City of Lights” together.

Is the trailer real? Even if the video description seems like an elaborate April Fool’s joke, the project appears to be real. TCL TV+ is a streaming app from the producer of the same name, so there is a foundation for such films.

There is even talk of the company having its own production studio.

The second line in the description below the video reveals: 

  • “Access to the original production of “Next Stop Paris”” and “the first AI production from TCLtv+ Studios”.

Which AI models were used? The creator claims to have developed his own models and combined them with Stable Diffusion “and others”.

Did people work on it? According to TCL, yes. The trailer was created with teams from the USA, Canada, Great Britain and Poland.

A well-known Hollywood producer wrote the script. Chris Regina is no stranger to the business. His portfolio includes:

  • Sharknado 1-5
  • Van Helsing (TV series)
  • Miscellaneous B-horror films

When can you watch the film?  TCL has not given a date, but our colleagues at t3n are talking about summer 2024. When the AI film is released, it will probably be on the in-house streaming app TCL TV+.

We can’t wait to see what the finished film looks like and how it is received. Despite its almost 110,000 views, the trailer on YouTube only has 241 thumbs up. This shows a clear trend.

What do you think of “Next Stop Paris”? Would AI films be something you would watch with friends or family in the evening? Let us know in the comments below

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