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With the MP5 nerf in the latest update, players are currently looking for good SMG alternatives. One weapon that has received little attention so far is the P90.

We show you the best P90 setups for your playing style. With the right setups, you’ll be ready for more than just Close Quarters battles. The P90 can also perform well at medium and even long distances.

Nevertheless, the weapon is best at medium and short distances. Nevertheless there is a good setup for cautious players as well.

The balanced setup: With the monolithic silencer and the FSS 10.6\\\” Per run you get a good range and stay hidden. The 5mW laser helps precision from the hip and together with the patterned grip tape you have enough mobility even for narrow corridors. Finally, the extra dexterity compensates for the long reload time, so you only have to pull back for a short time.

The Runner setup: This variant is more suitable for players who like to play cards like Shoot House and Shipment. The flying belt, laser and patterned grip strap give you excellent mobility and make aiming almost unnecessary. To balance out the handling a bit, the second grip tape comes into play. Since you are always in the thick of things with this weapon, dexterity is a must.

The Groundwar setup: This setup is rather experimental for the P90. Nevertheless it shows that the weapon can be suitable for the long distances in Groundwar and Warzone. Here you exchange the barrel for the FORGE TAC Retribution barrel, because it reduces the recoil in addition to the range. The rubberized grip band has a similar purpose. The VLK 3.0 optic not only increases your zoom level, but actually reduces recoil. To ensure mobility at least a little, the patterned grip tape remains the best choice.


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