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China is continuing its esport investments to make South Korea a top destination for customers. On June 29, Tech giant NetEase began building an esport park in Shanghai for $710 million.
NetEase is not an unknown name in China.

The company operates various internet portals, email providers and other services. They are also China’s second-largest game publisher and distribute all Blizzard games exclusively.

More than 151,000 square meters for Esport
A year ago NetEase announced the start of construction of the park in the Qingpu district in Shanghai. The whole complex will contain everything you need for Esport. In addition to a stadium with 2,000 seats, training centres and office buildings will be built. In

order to accommodate the planned 20,000 guests, there will also be living and shopping areas. Together with all technological projects, NetEase performs well.

Once the park is ready, NetEase wants to increase the efficiency of other projects by being able to gather knowledge there in various areas of the Esport world. The ambitious project is expected to cost five billion Chinese yuan or nearly 630 million euros.


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