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Skyrim played through in 72 minutes: New record could be even faster

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The Youtuber Nucular sets a new record in Skyrim. He plays through the main story in 72 minutes without using glitches.

Those who have played Skyrim know that the vast world of Sky’s Edge hides countless quests, forgotten tombs and dangerous caves that can keep players busy for countless hours.

It is all the more astonishing when speedrunners conquer such a role-playing giant within a few minutes. The Youtuber Nucular has now set a new record by making it from the escape from Helgen to the final battle with Alduin within 72 minutes.

The new record was set completely without glitches: Nucular points out that he stuck to the rules worked out by the community and did not exploit any bugs in the game mechanics during his speedrun.

The record therefore only counts as the fastest run in the main story category without glitches. Speedrunners who clip through walls and use console commands even complete the story in about 22 minutes, as the site (Speedrun.com) reveals.

These tricks used by the speedrunner

Under his video, the record holder explains how he was able to be so fast. In the character editor, Nucular already chose a high elf because the size of the created character is proportional to its movement speed. High elves are several percent larger than all other playable races and therefore best suited for a speed run.

For Nucular, the most important basics for a fast progress were also the waiting function – and a lot of wine. While waiting, the dragon blood regains stamina as well as life energy and magicka. Therefore, it makes the most sense for the speedrunner to wait for a while between each sprint and fight in order to be able to rush on immediately.

At some points in the game, however, it is impossible to wait. This is where the wine comes in. This regenerates stamina – but also lowers the rate at which stamina is regenerated on its own. That is why the dragon’s blood pours a large number of bottles behind his face in order to remain fit for action. Please do not imitate this in real life!

If you watch the video, you can discover even more of the Youtuber’s tricks: for example, Nucular regularly uses the dragon’s cry Whirlwind Sprint, which lets you cover a short distance at great speed. In addition, the speedrunner uses creative shortcuts in some places. According to his own statement, these do not count as glitches, as they work with the intended physics and collision detection of the game. If you’re interested in how Nucular completed a particular quest or section of the game, you can find the video of his full speedrun on YouTube:

A shorter time would have been possible

In fact, the speedrunner might even beat his own record. Nucular points out that he made mistakes in some places and disregarded practical fast travel points, for example. Next, the Youtuber wants to tackle another Skyrim speedrun on Legendary difficulty. Here, too, a record is waiting to be beaten.

How do you feel about speedruns? Do you enjoy seeing someone play through your favourite game in minutes? Or are you perfectionists and such a sight brings sweat to your brow? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments!


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