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Rollerdrome: This is the sound of the roller skate shooter

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What kind of music fits best to a game like Rollerdrome? In a new video, Roll7 and Private Division provide you with the answer. Composer Electric Dragon takes us into the world of synthesizers and electro music in the latest behind-the-scenes video.

Initial artwork and videos have shown that Rollerdrome is a shooter with a lot of retro influences. This is also reflected in the game’s soundtrack. Musician and composer Electric Dragon is working on the soundtrack of a video game for the first time, which is why this project also meant a leap into the unknown for him. Nevertheless, he is absolutely thrilled about working with Roll7 and describes the developers as very enthusiastic, which has also brought him great joy.

For Electric Dragon, it was a challenge to create an infectious beat that didn’t contain too many drop downs. The soundtrack is also meant to demonstrate the feeling of a never-ending, action-packed ride, where many drops in the soundtrack would be rather inappropriate. It has – we think – risen above this difficulty with flying colours. Synthwave meets the sound of the seventies and practically creates a new genre, as Electric Dragon explains in the video. We can’t wait to get down on the dance floor to the beat of this music and pull out our guns.

Rollerdrome takes you to an alternative future where the blood sport of the same name has become a real hit. Various athletes gather with roller skates on their feet and firearms in their hands for a brutal fight in the arena. Whoever delivers the coolest moves gets ammunition. Whoever has the most ammunition still stands at the end and can be crowned the winner of the game.

Rollerdrome will be released on 16 August for PC and PlayStation. A discount campaign honouring the creative era of the 1970s will also start on the release date.

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