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Motorbike memes and hopes for Crystal Onix – Community reactions to Pokémon Crimson and Purple

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The new Pokémon editions Crimson and Purple are trending on Twitter. Positive and negative criticism abounds about the 9th generation after the latest Pokémon Presents images and explanations provided much more insight.

Since Wednesday afternoon, Pokémon Crimson and Purple have been mixing up Twitter trends. The 9th generation editions have been highlighted in more detail via Pokémon Presents, which is why new information about the Paldea region, the pseudo-evolution form “Teracrystallisation” and the legendary creatures’ abilities have been revealed. Jokes and allusions are not long in coming.

Because the two legendary Pokémon Korraidon and Miraidon can adapt their form to move quickly over land, they are akin to motorbikes. Both Korraidon’s sprinting form and Miraidon’s riding mode have the community on edge.

Some enjoy the feature, others deride the “unnatural form” and make comparisons with the anime series Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s. For there, card duels are fought on motorbikes. Reddit user “Tears_of_a_Mermaid” is well received with the above image montage, which received 2,700 upvotes within one day.

There is also a focus on the new region, which is called Paldea. The main setting of the 9th generation seems to be based on the Iberian Peninsula with Spain and Portugal, which is confirmed by the olive-like Pokémon Olini, among others. Olive trees grow in warm places like the Mediterranean countries and their coastal regions. In addition, the Spanish word “aldea” translates to “village. “

On Twitter, where the hashtag “PokemonScarletViolet” is trending with 200,000 posts in some places, there is already heavy speculation as to whether the cloud-shrouded north-east of Paldea could be held back for a DLC. Based on Spanish geography, the border with France lies at this point – a region that was known as Kalos in Pokémon XY. Whether a jaunt there will be possible remains just speculation. However, a later expansion after the release on 18 November would not be a surprise. In Sword & Shield there were two different DLCs.

Will Crystal Onix finally become a reality?

The international Pokémon fan scene has been hoping for a special version of the rock Pokémon Onix for many years. Because over 20 years ago, episode 33 “The Crystal Onix” appeared in the second season of the anime series Orange Archipelago with just that strange Pokémon. This one could swim and dive, which is usually fatal territory for rock Pokémon.

With the new pseudo-evolution in crimson and purple called teracrystallisation, the pocket monsters around Pikachu, Evoli and Co. change their appearance and even their type. This new form, which makes a Pokémon look like a shiny gemstone, seems tailor-made for the Crystal Onix. Accordingly, expectations are high that after several decades of waiting, the fan wishes will be answered.

Literally cute Pokémon

The fact that the cuteness factor plays a significant role in terms of popularity for many of the Pokémon has been no secret since the first generation. However, this aspect is now being taken to another level.

The fairy Pokémon named “Hefel” was first introduced in Wednesday’s presentation. It is a play on words from the words yeast and puppy. Accordingly, this dog looks like a pastry. This has inspired several amateur artists to directly create new designs on different shapes. If Hefel had different development forms like Evoli, different yeast creations such as a pizza or crossaint variant would be conceivable. The community has already come up with some visual designs for this.


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