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In the Rocket League scene there was stunk against developer Pyonix and their tournament system. Now apparently the Esport system is to be adapted.

According to a mail that Esportobserver has received, Psyonix will revise the league and tournament structure in the scene. This is also the developer’s reaction to a brand letter from many organizations of about three weeks, which denounced lack of security and financial incentives for successful teams.

The information in the mail speaks of an “open” system. Specifically, there will be three splits per calendar year with three regional events per split. In each split there will be an international major, where teams from Europe and North America will meet. A world championship is to follow.

Points will be collected through the split events which will lead to the international major. These tournaments will then result in the World Championship Qualifier.

For the RLCS (highest RL playing class) there should be the small security to be seeded in the first six split events. Furthermore, all qualified RLCS and Rival Series teams should be able to play a weekly league at the beginning of the split.

More detailed information about the RLCS season and its future is not yet available. So far, two seasons per calendar year have been played there. But Psyonix is in exchange with teams and big names of the scene.

Many RL pros have criticised the fact that the qualification for events besides the RLCS was often very dependent on the form of the day. In addition, there was a long off-season that resulted in a lack of competitions and fixed costs without playing.

With Cloud9 a team already withdrew from Rocket League, because according to their own statement the costs were too high compared to the support from the developer.


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