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The topic of George Floyd’s death does not even stop at the eSports world. Now, an employee of Riot Games took his hat off to Riot Games because of a tasteless Facebook post

Ron Johnson assumed the position of Global Head of Consumer Products within Riot Games last December. But even now, as ESPN reports, this is the end of the line. But what had happened?

On May 25, 2020, African-American George Floyd was brutally restrained on the ground by the Minneapolis police; one of the officers held his knee on the back of Floyd’s neck for several minutes, even after he shouted several times that he could not breathe.

A short time later, the American died as a result of the abuse in a local hospital. In the next hours, days and weeks, there were demonstrations against the prevailing police violence in the United States and the still direct and indirect racism against the black population.

Police officers are the victims of the media
In a post office, Johnson now attacked the victim instead of the perpetrators, even indirectly defended the policemen’s approach and sees Floyd as an instrument of the press and leftists who transfigure the African American into a martyr.

In his posting, Floyd’s individual crimes are listed and he claims that he was under meth at the time of his death and that he might have caused the death of a person if he got into his car and drove away.

A short time later, Riot Games began its own internal investigation into Johnson. But before the task force set up for this purpose could come to a conclusion, Johnson resigned, which was communicated to the staff in an internal memo.

Within the employee memo, Riot CEO Nicolo Laurent wrote that every employee of the company was free to have his or her own political opinion. In the case of Johnson, however, his statement led to insults from many other employees and is completely contrary to the company’s general understanding of the need to speak out against racism and injustice.

The developer of games such as League of Legends, Valorant, and Legends of Runeterra announced that it would donate $1 million to areas that Riot Games is confident will help people and improve their lives.


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