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Big changes are coming up Rainbow Six: Victories. The Ubisoft shooter not only introduces Splinter Cell secret agent Sam Fisher as a new operator in the new Season Shadow Legacy, but also introduces other important changes.
Rainbow Six: Victories comes into focus with the help of numerous innovations in Year 5 Season 3. In the Season Shadow Legacy, which will be unlocked on the test servers on August 17th, a new operator, Zero, makes his debut. The test phase is exclusively available for Windows PCs.

Developer Ubisoft also introduces Ping 2.0. The update includes: The map ban, replays of the last games, a new secondary device, optical aids, a reinforcement pool and the rework of the Map Chalet. The concrete changes were presented on Sunday during the Mini-Major in North America.

Star from Splinter Cell comes to life in Rainbow Six
The coat of the Splinter-Cell range envelops Shadow Legacy. Fittingly, the new operator Sam “Zero” Fisher shows his skills. He comes into play as an attacker and is distinguished by a special device – the Argus Launcher. This two-sided drilling camera can be attached to any wall, even if it is reinforced.

Thanks to the cameras installed, it is possible to see through the wall, which makes it extremely easy to find defenders. With a built-in laser, even damage is handed out.

Zero will be unlocked for Year 5 Pass holders with the launch of Shadow Legacy. For all others, the new operator can be purchased a week later.

Replays in the test phase
To analyze your own gameplay Ubisoft introduces the Replay function. Although the replays are initially only usable in the test phase – also called alpha phase – of Shadow Legacy. However, they should be available for everyone in the future if they are successfully used.

Currently, it is possible for the players involved to view their past twelve matches from any perspective, including that of the opponent. In addition to gameplay analysis, the replay function is particularly useful for recording highlights.

Map bans and rework from Chalet
The banning of operators from matches has long been known. But with the “Map-Ban” function, players will now have more options. This way, unpleasant locations can be excluded or the opponent can be forced to use his own favourite maps.

Matching the Map-Ban option, Chalet returns to R6 with a completely reworked rework. Players can climb onto the roof to explore completely new paths. For more variation, there is also an additional corridor to increase the movement possibilities in the basement.

Communicative Revolution
Ping 2.0 changes the game on a tactical level. Because important objects or critical passages are displayed for each player, communication between team mates is greatly improved. Each player receives a numbered ping marker in each match. So everyone knows which player is passing on a certain information.

For example, reinforced walls are marked and are displayed by everyone with a small ping in their line of sight. This is where the new secondary device comes into play – the “heavy breakthrough attack”. This can destroy these walls and destroy the supposed tactical advantage of the opponent.

In addition, optical aids make it possible to find one’s way around better individually. Thus, individual weapons are better visible and also the opacity and light in the rooms can be displayed in the settings to different degrees.

However, this device is also necessary. Because the new reinforcement pool allows the defenders to choose from now ten of these reinforcements – no matter from which position. On the other side there was a nerf. EMP grenades can no longer destroy nearby gadgets, but can only incapacitate them temporarily.

Play for free in full
From 27 August to 4 September, Rainbox Six: Victories can be played for free. During this eight-day phase, all players will have instant access to all maps, modes and 20 classic operators. In addition, the new “SquadFinder” app allows players to be searched by region and playing style.


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