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Call of Duty patches are always good for a surprise. Due to a buff that the FR 5.56 got in the last update, one of its essays is currently the best weapon in Warzone.
With a game as big as Warzone, it can quickly happen that an update breaks something elsewhere. So the FR 5.56, also known as Famas, did not consider how the last update affects the caliber 12-deputy under-barrel.

Whoever finds the FR blueprint called Codebreaker in Warzone or simply creates an own class with the weapon will be positively surprised. At distances below 15 meters the underrun knocks out opponents with one shot. Even if they have full life and full shield. That’s more than 250 damages with one shot.

Developers working on a fix
After the bug spread like wildfire in the CoD community yesterday, the developers have already contacted us. On Twitter they announced that they want to fix the bug as soon as possible.

So if you want to test the bug yourself out of pure curiosity, you should hurry. But be warned: In Warzone, you’re certainly not the only ones with a weapon at the moment.

The developers have probably never reacted to a bug as fast as this time. The bug became known through a video of the YouTube TheXclusiceAce, which publishes many videos about the weapons in the game.


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