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Once again a bug in Call of Duty Warzone is occurring. Players land directly in the Gulag after they have landed on the map. The list of bugs in Season Five is growing again.

The chain of errors in Warzone seems to have no end at the moment. Besides invisible enemies and graphical errors, another bug was discovered. Players apparently end up directly in the Gulag as soon as they appear in Verdansk. Reddit user “UnbanPod” pointed out this bug on Thursday.

In the short video of UnbanPod you can see him jumping from the plane over the region “Quarry”. Shortly after he has landed with his parachute, he finds himself in the gulag. Actually, this is where players who have been eliminated and are fighting a duel with an opponent to return to the current round land.

Of course the fun of the game then falls by the wayside. Because if you lose the duel in the Gulag, the round is suddenly over for you before it has even started properly. Developer Infinity Ward currently has a lot to do to remedy the errors in Call of Duty. Messages are coming in via Twitter, in which the fixed evils are listed. The Gulag Bug was not one of them until now.


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