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New Donkey Kong, Mario and more: the most exciting announcements from the Nintendo Direct

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The event is over. What remains are a bunch of new games that Nintendo showed. We summarize the Direct for you with all the info.

Phew, it’s over. The September edition of the Nintendo Direct is over. We’re in fan delirium, but we’ve only just managed to type these lines. You must not be feeling much better if your heart is rooted in the Mushroom Kingdom, Hyrule, Planet Zebes or any other Nintendo universe, right?!

What games were shown? We’ve got the full info pack for you. Hop on your Yoshi and let’s go!

Highlight: Paper Mario: Legend of the Aeon Gate

(Genre: Role-playing game – Release: 2024 –Developer: Nintendo)

It – has – happened! After countless fans of the Paper Mario series have had to wait many years (and several disappointing series installments), what many consider to be the best entry in the series will finally return in a retread.

Paper Mario: Legend of the Aeon Gate is the second installment in the series and sends Mario on a huge adventure through umpteen different areas filled with memorable characters, challenging turn-based battles and a very good storyline that has been praised by connoisseurs to this day.

It is still unclear what innovations await us apart from the graphics. However, the trailer does hint at some brand new story content, so that veterans should have another good reason to pick up the game again.

More games from the Nintendo Direct

There were so many titles shown that we can’t list them all. We have therefore concentrated on the games that we think will be the most exciting for most of you – and even that is still more than enough!

Tomb Raider 1 – 3 Remastered

  • Genre: Action-Adventure
  • Release: Feb 14, 2024

    Lara Croft returns, but not in the form of a new part, but as a remaster of the first three parts from the 90s! So what we can already say: Yes, the visuals are and remain old-fashioned. But we have to give the makers of the remaster credit: they have visibly tried to get everything out of the basic technical framework.

    Mario vs. Donkey Kong

    • Genre: Jump&Run
    • Release: Feb 16, 2024

      Do you remember the old Game Boy game from the early 90s, in which Mario had to somehow get to Donkey Kong and the kidnapped Pauline in numerous levels? Exactly this game principle awaits you in this spiritual successor. Doesn’t necessarily look like the great mammoth game, but could certainly provide a few whimsical hours.

      Super Mario RPG

      • Genre: RPG
      • Release: Nov 17, 2023

        Soon the cult role-playing game from the past millennium will return to your Switch screens. Together with a band of brave companions, Mario must stop the so-called Smithy Gang and retrieve seven star pieces. The tactically demanding battles in particular were already convincing back then in the original.

        Princess Peach: Showtime!

        • Genre: This could be anything!
        • Release: Mar 22, 2024

          At the Direct, Nintendo also showed a surprising amount of footage of the brand new Princess Peach game. It now also has a title, Princess Peach: Showtime!, and the first gameplay clips remind us of an interesting mixture of Luigi’s Mansion (the game seems to take place in a single, large theatre) and more recent Paper Mario parts (some action-adventure interludes can be seen). What do you think of what was shown?

          Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD

          • Genre: Action-Adventure
          • Release: Summer 2024

            Brrr, does a cold shiver run down your spine too? No? Then you probably haven’t seen the latest gameplay trailer for the HD remake of Luigi’s Mansion 2! In it, Mario’s often ridiculed but still pretty cool brother is once again transported to a haunted building. There are many ghosts waiting to be captured by Luigi with your help.

            Master Detective Pikachu Returns

            • Genre: Adventure
            • Release: 6 October 2023

              Pika, pika! Pi-pika-pi! Don’t you understand a word? Never mind, because the yellow electric mouse can finally chat with us in our language in this Switch game. And it’s sorely needed, because together with Ash’s long-term buddy, you have to solve a tricky criminal case. You’ll have to decipher puzzles, follow clues – the full programme, but with the world-famous pocket monsters.

              Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Booster Pass – Wave 6

              • Genre: Racing Game
              • Release: Winter 2023

              By now, the track and character catalogue in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is almost bursting at the seams. A few more will be added, then it’s finally over! In Winter 2023, several familiar Nintendo mascots will once again join the starting line-up, including Diddy Kong and Pauline. There will also be new tracks, so far confirmed is only Wii Daisy Circuit from, you guessed it, Mario Kart Wii.

              And a few more games

              Okay, okay, enough already. Our fingers are already aching. You know what, here’s a list of other potential gems:

              • F-Zero 99: Battle royale racing game based on the SNES classic, in which 99 opponents compete and demolish each other.
              • Another Code: Recollection: The re-release of two puzzle games from the Nintendo DS. Puzzles, exploration, conversations – the usual.
              • SaGa Emerald Beyond: Japanese role-playing game with quirky characters and complex tactical combat.
              • Battle Crush: Online battle royale that is very reminiscent of Fortnite in terms of visuals.
              • Wartale: An open-world fantasy role-playing game with tactical combat. Doesn’t really sound like a game for the Nintendo Switch, but looks quite exciting.
              • Unicorn Overlord: Another JRPG aimed at connoisseurs of the genre.
              • Among Us: The indie hit returns with a brand new island map, first on Nintendo Switch.
              • Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story: A very cuddly action adventure set in the LoL universe. You collect resources, craft upgrades and solve quests.
              • Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story: A 3D platformer that is also set in the popular LoL universe.
              • WarioWare MoveIt!: The latest instalment of the popular multiplayer smash offers over 200 new mini-games.
              • Eiyuden Chronicle – Hundred Heroes:Have we had a JRPG today? What, that many times? Okay, then please just read a few lines above.
              • Eastward: Octopia: The popular action-adventure game is getting some DLC coming to Nintendo Switch first and foremost, in Winter 2023.
              • Dave the Diver: This year’s indie hit also invites you to take a dive on the Nintendo Switch from 26 October 2023.
              Which of the games shown or even newly announced was your personal highlight of this Nintendo Direct? How do you rate the event overall? Are you completely satisfied, are you bitterly disappointed or do you find yourself somewhere between these two extremes? We are curious, so feel free to write us your opinion in the comments!

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